Fitting in vs Belonging (Brene Brown)

It’s difficult for me to imagine now, but at one time, I had an unreasonable aversion to reading anything written by author Brene Brown. I don’t know how it began. Actually, I do. A friend suggested I read a book written by Ms. Brown. I thought said friend was subtly suggesting I needed to work […]

Three Cheers For True Belonging

This post explains the difference between fitting in and belonging. It reminds me of the culture I grew up in.

I don’t think that is what Judaism is. There are cultures within Judaism that aren’t as right wing. In the culture I grew up in, you have a dress a certain way, talk a certain way… that doesn’t take away any of the beauty. I know if I leave Judaism any of the ‘friends’ from the school I went to wouldn’t be my friends.

It isn’t Judaism. I work with some people where individuality is celebrated. It’s the culture’s and sub cultures in Judaism. And this post just highlights what exactly bothers me so much about the culture I grew up in. The cult within the culture.

8 thoughts on “Fitting in vs Belonging (Brene Brown)

    1. If her blog is not private I’d love the link…

      There is a lot. Though it does depend on the specific community and where exactly you live – in the outer communities it’s not that bad. It’s more the larger mainstream places.

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      1. Re your question. In Judaism there are 2 thoughts. First is that what we think as bad might actually not be. It might be showing you who you can he. The second primary thought is that there has to be free will. That people have choices. Being that they have choices god can’t and doesn’t intervene.

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