What is Two Way Prayer?

Two way prayer. There are a couple of sites you can read about it on. Shira writes about it which is where I first read it. There is a two way prayer site which is also a great place to look.

Two way prayer basically means tuning into a source and letting that source speak to you, through you.

The site recommends setting your intention and writing whatever you think about that for 5 minutes. They suggest writing and tuning in to a source. Which is one easy to go about it. My understanding slightly differs.

When I first did this what I noticed was that whatever I wrote was eerily similar to anything I would write in the letters I write to myself. Thinking about it, that makes a lot of sense. The purpose of two way prayer is tuning into a consciousness and letting that consciousness speak to you. When I write to myself I’m writing from my inner conversation. I tune into a part of myself that is compassionate, loving and wise. I tune into something I never knew existed.

The entire world is energy. The consciousness of the world, and my consciousness, are in reality the same thing. So it makes sense to me that if I set an intention and write about it, the writing would be similar to the letters I write to myself.

The way I view two way prayer however, isn’t that I have to write. Rather, tune in. And see what will be. The first time I did this was on Wednesday- a few days ago – which is when I wrote my song about letting go. I sat in the park for an hour. I set my intention. And I decided to start this blog. I understood what I had to let go of. And why. Since then I’ve been able to define it, and I understand now why people have told me it’d be better not to live at home. I understand why my sister had to leave Judaism – throwing put the bathwater meant throwing out all the accumulated debris within it without sorting through it to see if there were any diamonds she wanted to keep. Tuning in, after setting an intention, actually gave me dome answers.

That’s what I see two way prayer looking like. Setting a goal/thought to focus on, and then just tuning in to the source. My best place to do this would be in nature. If it weren’t outside then journaling for 5 minutes is what I would do for I wouldn’t be able to focus.

What do you think of two way prayer? What would it look like to you?

I hope to try it for the recommended 30 days. I don’t know about shabbat or such. Tomorrow will be day 6.

Love, light, and glitter

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